Morgan High Bio


as the Creative Lead for Harris County Budget Management, Morgan is at the helm of all for artistic productions. Morgan has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts & Animation. He is a professional 3D animator and prestigious acrylic painter, and he is proficient with programs like Maya, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.

He was an intern with Harris County Facility and Property Maintenance, then transferred to the Harris County Budget office where he is currently the Creative Lead.

As a child, Morgan was blown away by animated movies created by studios like Disney, Pixar, Dream Works, and many more. Sports and social norms derailed him from pursuing his childhood dream of creating animations until he decided to go to The Art Institute of Houston and pursue his dreams. 

After graduating high school, he only knew how to draw, but quickly absorbed every program that was taught. It wasn’t until a traumatic brain injury that Morgan truly started to show his ultimate potential. In 2015, Morgan dropped a 35 pound weight on his forehead that was first diagnosed as a minor concussion but quickly became something much more severe.

The day after the injury, Morgan was rushed to the doctor because he was displaying symptoms more severe than a basic concussion. The neurologist diagnosed him with a traumatic brain injury and put him on bed rest. During this time, he reflected on his life and realized what his purpose was. He started drawing and discovered he had a sudden increase in skill. He could draw faces easier and could finish them in a quarter of the time. He kept drawing until he had a thought that he should paint. Ironically, he absolutely hated painting. But, being forced in your room for 2 months changes your mindset on some things.

He decided to paint his favorite singer, The Weeknd, and 9 hours later, it was completed. The Weeknd liked the picture on Instagram and this made Morgan want to try painting again. Now, he has brought his GPA from a 2.4 to a 3.29, sold over 95 paintings, and is the Creative Lead for Harris County.

From Traumatic Brain injury to prestigious artist